Profile Website not browse-able in Google Wave

    As I am a great fan of Google Wave, So i happen to write about it more often. This time there is a problem with the browse-able link in Profile. The problem shows up only if you want to click on your contact list website which is mentioned in his/her profile. The browser takes you to famous 404 not found error.

    Here is one of my contact list profile website link

    Now, see what I came to, after I clicked on that link

    I know that its a preview version right now. But I want to share the errors with Google Wave Team so that we can have better final release. Meanwhile, if you are still not in Wave World, here is your chance to get one


    As I let knew the Google crew to help me out on this one, they popped-in with quickie... "Try http:// before the website address".. And there I go.. No more 404 errors. Thanks Google Wave Team

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