Google Chrome OS announced

    Google Chrome OS has been announced today at a press conference by Google. Chrome OS is the open source operating system for people who lives over the internet.

    Google has made it open so application developers and web developers can now make their own application and share them over with Google team for uploading to the Google Cloud. This OS is primarily designed for Online applications i.e. those applications which works on browers. Right now, we don't have any idea that how are they going to tackle the Offline applications. Here in this video Google explains that what they actually thinks of Google OS.

    About the security concerns, Chrome OS team said that all the data will be encrypted. Local data will consist of Cache only. Every time the system will boot up, it will verify the code against the cloud. If something is fishy, then it will reboot and back to the normal. All in seconds.Pretty amazingly fast. Here is what the Chrome OS team thinks about the security.

    Chrome OS team said that their primary focus was on how fast they can make people go online. Instead of waiting for the splash screens to appear again and again, they wanted to create something on the needs model.Whatever is needed by people first, it should come first. So, people who wants to skip all this process of hardware initialization and stuff like that, this operating system is definitely for them. Here is how they took the time taking things from the boot process. Watch at the end of the clip. The 4 second boot up :)

    Team also showed data transfer from camera to the OS. They emphasized on the detection of any kind of storage media on the Chrome OS. About the hardware devices, they mentioned that they are still in talks with the industry people over this one. Lets see whom they catch up first. Chrome OS is going to have its own netbook meaning a laptop from Google is around next year sometime. Team is actually making this netbook to work with latest 802.11 model wireless protocol. So, its going to be Wi-fi enabled netbook. Team is already in talks with Adobe team to bring in 'Photoshop on the web' to the Chrome OS. During demo, we saw Pdf file working on Chrome OS. So, this means that they are already on board with Adobe guys. Team did mentioned that printing will work on Chrome OS but they are working on something new which we can only see next year.

    So, we are keeping our eyes on the things they promised. And by the way, did i mentioned that Chrome OS will be out in market by next year. Let us know what you think about it.

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