Download Manager for Chrome

    Chrome Browser is pretty new in the browser world but its going fast, rabbit fast!! Since its the new offspring so there is still time before we actually gets all the features what other browsers got. Download manager is one application that is still missing in the Chrome. But I try different way out to tackle this. I use Orbit Down-loader. You can download it from here, ORBIT

    Download and Install it. Its pretty much easy to do that. If you can't just let me know in comments. Associate Orbit with Chrome from the Options (Preferences). In Preferences, go to Monitoring. There check the box before Chrome and Monitor Clipboard.

    Re-start the Orbit down-loader so that changes take effect. Now open up your chrome browser. Download something and It should Work with Orbit Down-loader. There are times when this doesn't happen due to link connectivity. So, then you just right click on that link and select 'Copy Link Address'. Now, open up Orbit screen and click on NEW. And the link will be there automatically. Download it and there you go. Happy Downloading.

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