How to add Public Wave to Google Wave

    When you are lonely on the Wave world and don't know that how can you actually test the capabilities of Google Wave, then try Public Wave. Through Public Waves, you can share with the wave world what you want to say public and you can browse around others Public Waves and interact with the rest of the Wave World. But mostly, people don't know how can they do this. Its simple. Just add '' to your contact list. Don't know how to do this. Well follow these steps.

    Just Log-on to your Wave first...

    Then add the address that I mentioned earlier.. like this

    While You add, You will see that Google Wave won't be able to find the user. You don't have to worry about this. Just hit 'ENTER' on your keyboard. And you will find a new contact 'Public' in your list.

    Click on 'Public' contact and you will find a new screen mentioning New Wave and Group Waves. Click on Group Waves and you will find all the waves what world is making public.

    Here comes the Public Wave World. You will see all the language public waves.

    See, now I have searched waves with word 'Chrome' in them by just writing it up in Search Bar. You can search with any keywords and criteria.

    Now, writing your own Public Google Wave. Just Click on New Wave. Add Public contact by click on '+' symbol.

    Just write something down.. add someone else from contact list if you want to share your public wave with other people. And hit DONE. You are now Global.

    Now, search around like I mentioned in previous step for your public wave in Public Wave World. Happy Waving Folks.

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