Tweak , Repair & Get Your Windows XP Back

    Windows 7 is around but still we are getting bug fixes and registry repairs for Windows XP. Isn't this amazing? Either we love Window XP or there is something not good about others :)

    When I started using Windows XP, i came across hundreds of the problems but somehow i get away with them due to timely anti-virus or anti-spyware updates. Registry hacks were also available round the globe. I wrote earlier about the possible ways to get away with the Disabled Task Manager error but just now (Thanks to download squad for pointing out) I came across this great utility which is Mother of all tweaks. Utility is called XP Quick Fix Plus. Released by Leelu Soft this tools is a freeware amazingly!!

    You can fix all sorts of errors like Disabled Task Manager, Disabled Registry Editor, Missing Folder Options, Disabled Command line, CD auto play etc. Just play around with it and use clean and neat Windows XP.

    You can download the tool from here.  Comments are welcome

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