Google Commerce Search - A must for E-Commerce

    Google came up with Commerce search ahead of Holidays season i.e. Christmas. Most of the online retailers opt for better visitor to buyer conversion. Google has eased that conversion for e-retailers with giving a search feature for products.

    Google Commerce Search gives online retailers the ability to satisfy visitor needs
    with accurate, fast search tailored specifically to the online shopping experience. By
    enabling a direct connection between online product data and fast, familiar Google
    search, Google Commerce Search helps visitors find the specific information
    they need to make purchase decisions – with sub-second response times and
    unparalleled accuracy.

    Online retailers had this problem for long that people don't stop at the online shops for long. Since things are so much cluttered around so the visitor feels like 'Lets give some other website a try'. In order to overcome this problem for e-commerce related websites, Google has given them this search facility to make their visitors become customers. Here is how it really works (via Google Commerce Search).

    Once you've signed up for Google Commerce Search, your site administrator will follow these simple steps.
    Step 1: Submit your product data to the Google Merchant Center and Google Product Search. Visit to upload your items via data feeds, direct uploads, or use our API.
    Step 2: Customize the look and feel of your on-site search engine. Log into the administrative console to manage product promotions, upload synonym dictionaries, and control parametric search options.
    Step 3: Analyze your site's traffic and search effectiveness. View custom reports on top queries, special feature usage and more.

    According to Google, by following these steps One can actually increase the sales from mere 3% conversion (People who actually buy something out after staying on website for a while) to double digit conversion.

    Picture via Google Commerce Search

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