Nokia 1280 - The Cheapest phone from Nokia launched

    Nokia has unveiled a new mobile earlier today for emerging markets. Model 1280 is the latest upgrade of its predecessor Nokia 1202 but with low price. Nokia has especially made up this phone for rural and far flung areas of the emerging countries. According to Nokia, folks in these areas are poor and they can't afford buying a smartphone so we have to keep these people near to us too.

    Nokia 1280 is highly dust resistant and scratch resistant with a robust keyboard. Battery works up to 22 days of standby time and 8.5 hours of talk time. Currently the price tag is $30 which is by far the cheapest of all. We are not talking about Chinese phones here folks :-)

    It also has five separate phone books, which should make it simpler for people to share the device. In rural areas, sharing a phone is common norm so Nokia has helped them with giving away 5 phone books so that people can have separate phone directory. Phone also has flash light and FM radio. Phone will be available in markets somewhere in first quarter of 2010. Till then enjoy Nokia 1202.

    via Nokia Conversations

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