Real Time Search War came to Yahoo now

    Recently we have seen the emergence of real time searches on the popular search engines like Google & Bing. Google and Bing both have partnered with Twittered to get their database to display in the search results. Its partly available but its yet to see the full face of the sun.

    Real time searching came into limelight due to the summarized messages and updates from people regarding somethings. This gave idea to the search engines to include them in the search results and people will get great results. The war is on and every one is trying to come up with the best. Now, Yahoo has teamed up with OneRiot for real time search.

    OneRiot is pretty much popular in real time searching. It has got great interface and the relevant searching algorithms. Yahoo in order to not to be left behind in the war tried to make use of its search results on top of the web results. One thing is quite confusing here though. Recently, we have seen a search deal between the two search giants Bing and Yahoo. This deal will get mature sometime next year. According to the deal both the search engines will enjoy each other database for search results. So, if Bing has came up twitter search in their results then what is the need for Yahoo to sign a deal with OneRiot. OneRiot do search out the blogs but so does Bing. You got any theory on that one??

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