No more Tampons for iPad

    Apple iPad is so covered up with pampers and nappies that you actually have to think hundred times before trying to copulate with it. Don't take me wrong here. I am not a bestiality fan ;-)

    Apple has released their iPads with AT&T MicroSIMs which means that they only work with AT&T network. Now, there are jail breaks available but I am not going to go geeky here. John Benson on his website wrote that how he enjoyed the nakedness of iPad. He has cut down regular SIM into MicroSIM using Meat Cleaver and removed the tampon...err!! Lock!!

    Here is the regular SIM and MicroSIM (taken from original website)

    ...and here is the mighty tampon remover

    And finally Nano-SIM is ready...

    You must be thinking by now that its just another fake... but trust me.. this really works out.. Go HERE to see how it actually went in the end ... Behold!!! The mighty Tampon Remover!!!

    Spindex - A Failed Viagra Tablet Launch by Microsoft

    While I was busy in my regular work, my tweet deck was popping up with SPINDEX related tweets. Thought for a moment was,"Aaaghh!!, yet another viagra kinda stuff spamming me". You know why? ... because the name synonyms with elopathic medicines like we have IODEX for pain reliever :)

    Like regular testosterone rush whenever I see something new, I jumped over to try it out. I did it with left hand & then with right hand but eeww!! it didn't worked out. By left I meant 'Firefox' and Right stands for obviously 'IE'. Now, here are my observations of a fail launch.

    First when I typed, I was guided to the search engine. I thought that as if I have typed it wrong. So, I wrote Spindex in Bing but Bing didn't came up with regular website address rather links and news. Now, if it really is Microsoft project, then it should have been listed. Don't you think so? . Wondering why they went for .me domain. Did they thought that this will give them cool feeling like Apple? Smelling something burning, right? Ok. the website address is for starter.

    Second, as i goes in deep, i meant clicking the links, I was guided to page with white bottom, which is not visible when i click on FULL SCREEN view.

    Did they made this page in Full screen view or what? Remember, that I tried with my left & my right!!.

    Since I didn't had the invite code, I have to click on empty square box present in the lower torso. Once clicked, my left did something strange. The happy and buttery text that you always write to ask for invite code started from middle.. God, I am happy... My left still has the power to get the things in middle, I guess!!

    :) Amazingly, my right did raise the thing to the right spot. Nothing bad about that.

    The final push was though the dirty one. I meant, the Push Button. My left & My right was not able to go forward any further as the SUBMIT button failed to reach to any orgasm!! Ohh.. Do I have to explain this too? :)

    Wateen Phishing Scam - Be Aware

    I accidentally came across this website where they put in topic "A Real WATEEN HACK.100% SUCCESSFUL". As a user of Wateen, I thought of having a look that whats in the store. So, apparently someone has made up a website "" and provided a short URL on forum i.e. "" with same interface as your regular wateen login page ( Once you try writing the username there, your username & password will be stored with the owner of the fake website and thats how he/she will use your accounts to browse around. Phishing at its best!!!

    Trying WhoIs on this website lead me to: IP: server location:
    Maasdijk in Netherlands ISP:

    So, see the server is based in NETHERLANDS... Got it?? So better watch out before anyone get your username and password.

    Social Media usage in Building Country Relationships

    Social Media is having quite a buzz since a while. People are trying their level best to make their presence felt in social media. Governments in the developed countries are already having their social media profiles. People interact with them through this channel and that's how they look over their problems and mistakes. As Sylar said in Last Episode of Heroes  "Its a Brave New World".

    Now, this social media is up for another front. Building Country Relationships. Now, that was something new for me till today. Reportedly, US officials and executives from eBay, Twitter and other web companies are to visit Russia to discuss social media to improve relations. They are going to explore ways to streamline their future relationships based on social media. Team will meet all the institutions who can help bring good faith to the cause like NGOs, Education sector etc.

    Looking at ComScore report of May 2009 (its dated back, but we can have idea) we can see that Russia is the leader in the table of Highest Engagement Social Networking Country Audiences. whereas US came 9th.

    Numbers might have changed since then. But its not about the numbers. Representatives of these governments have analyzed this information and they have came to the conclusion that the era of 'cold war' should come to an end. The relationships should take a U-Turn for the betterment of the world and societies respectively. People in both these countries can come across each other on one platform and discuss their differences. The hate , the venom and the enmity brought to the people due to past mistakes should vanish. That's where the social media will be the winner in the end. My two thumbs up on this step.

    Image Courtesy: Marketing Charts

    FaceBook Ads - Are they any worth?

    Its been long since we have been seeing Facebook ads on the side bar But did you ever noticed them? Seriously? To me, the side bar in facebook is just a waste of space. They are not eye catching. They don't go with the flow either.

    I was doing some uploads of the pictures on my personal account and I did noticed those ads. I was surprised to find out one Wimax Broadband ad and one ad of Eye Testing there. Now whats the target of those ads for my photo upload section. That was weird. Below those ads, facebook gave the option of More Ads. Now, who will go there and spend the time on un-related ads. I didn't had the single reason to give those ads go-ahead.

    If facebook ads are there to help the businesses bring customers to their pages or groups, the this is simply wrong wrong way to do these kind of activities. If you follow Google Ads, they have their own feeling, their own touch. But facebook ads suck. They don't feel like monetizing either. What do you think folks?


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