Social Media usage in Building Country Relationships

    Social Media is having quite a buzz since a while. People are trying their level best to make their presence felt in social media. Governments in the developed countries are already having their social media profiles. People interact with them through this channel and that's how they look over their problems and mistakes. As Sylar said in Last Episode of Heroes  "Its a Brave New World".

    Now, this social media is up for another front. Building Country Relationships. Now, that was something new for me till today. Reportedly, US officials and executives from eBay, Twitter and other web companies are to visit Russia to discuss social media to improve relations. They are going to explore ways to streamline their future relationships based on social media. Team will meet all the institutions who can help bring good faith to the cause like NGOs, Education sector etc.

    Looking at ComScore report of May 2009 (its dated back, but we can have idea) we can see that Russia is the leader in the table of Highest Engagement Social Networking Country Audiences. whereas US came 9th.

    Numbers might have changed since then. But its not about the numbers. Representatives of these governments have analyzed this information and they have came to the conclusion that the era of 'cold war' should come to an end. The relationships should take a U-Turn for the betterment of the world and societies respectively. People in both these countries can come across each other on one platform and discuss their differences. The hate , the venom and the enmity brought to the people due to past mistakes should vanish. That's where the social media will be the winner in the end. My two thumbs up on this step.

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