Wateen Phishing Scam - Be Aware

    I accidentally came across this website where they put in topic "A Real WATEEN HACK.100% SUCCESSFUL". As a user of Wateen, I thought of having a look that whats in the store. So, apparently someone has made up a website "http://internet-wateen.net/" and provided a short URL on forum i.e. "http://www.wateenusers.notlong.com" with same interface as your regular wateen login page (http://internet.wateen.net/). Once you try writing the username there, your username & password will be stored with the owner of the fake website and thats how he/she will use your accounts to browse around. Phishing at its best!!!

    Trying WhoIs on this website lead me to:

    internet-wateen.net IP:

    internet-wateen.net server location:
    Maasdijk in Netherlands

    internet-wateen.net ISP:

    So, see the server is based in NETHERLANDS... Got it?? So better watch out before anyone get your username and password.

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    1. hmmmm really nice article,,, keep posting.


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