FaceBook Ads - Are they any worth?

    Its been long since we have been seeing Facebook ads on the side bar But did you ever noticed them? Seriously? To me, the side bar in facebook is just a waste of space. They are not eye catching. They don't go with the flow either.

    I was doing some uploads of the pictures on my personal account and I did noticed those ads. I was surprised to find out one Wimax Broadband ad and one ad of Eye Testing there. Now whats the target of those ads for my photo upload section. That was weird. Below those ads, facebook gave the option of More Ads. Now, who will go there and spend the time on un-related ads. I didn't had the single reason to give those ads go-ahead.

    If facebook ads are there to help the businesses bring customers to their pages or groups, the this is simply wrong wrong way to do these kind of activities. If you follow Google Ads, they have their own feeling, their own touch. But facebook ads suck. They don't feel like monetizing either. What do you think folks?

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