$250,000 In Gold for Decrypting Conversation - Ends Feb 1st , 2010

    Gold Lock, an Israeli mobile security firm, has offered $250,000 In Gold to anyone who can decrypt the 10 minute encrypted conversation recorded between two staff members of the company. Military grade encryption for mobile phones and computers is the main area of focus of Gold Lock.

    On Nov 1st, company has recorded conversation using their state-of-the-art encryption software and they announced for prize money for the person who decrypt the conversation. After the announcement, too many people have downloaded the conversation for decryption. So, they announced that they will raise the prize money to make it more competitive. Here is what they said

    We're Offering $250,000 in Pure Gold, Plus A Position At Our Company, To The First Person That Sends Us A True Transcript Of The Unencrypted Conversation Contained In This Source File.
    About the contest, company says "It is Gold Line's opinion that the Audio is not decodable and therefore the chances to win the Contest are merely theoretical." :)

    Register yourself at HACKER CHALLENGE and a link to the 10 minute audio binary file will be sent to you by email.

    Company annoucement can be reached HERE

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