Nokia 2010 Plans - Maemo 6 powered mobile computer

    Yesterday at Nokia Capital Markets Day, Nokia unveiled some key financial and technical steps they are going to take in year 2010. Nokia has been quite aggressive this year in bringing new smartphones to the market. It has also released Maemo based N900 mobile phone which is yet to hit the asian markets.

    On technological advancement, Nokia is going to bring the change in UI (User Interface) of the Symbian based mobile phones. They are expecting to bring forward two major changes during mid and end of 2010. Maemo 6 powered mobile computer with iconic UI is expected to come out in second half of 2010. Like this year, Nokia will still make affordable mobile phones for the rural parts of the emerging markets. Ovi ecosystem needs to be further improved by giving the developers right tools to make applications.

    If Nokia goes ahead with all these plans and successfully complete them, then I feel that they can enhance the market share to the great extent. Nokia has always came forward with excellent projects and we expect them to do same in the upcoming year. Go Nokia, Go!!!

    You can read full press release from Nokia Website

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