Echofon - A Bad Firefox Twitter Client

    I have been using Echofon for months now. Back in those days twitter was simple. Just simple 140 characters and there you go. But now twitter has got lists and other features like this. When these features started showing up, I thought Echofon might catch up too. So, I give it some time.

    After sometime, I found that they did brought some update.. But hey, its just interface change. Nothing else. I was expecting more from them. So, I didn't gave up on them and tried to wait further. But this morning when I found one disgusting spam tweet in my Mentions, I thought of deleting that one with a click but wait. I forgot that I am using Echofon. They don't offer DELETE this Tweet feature. I was like WTF!!!

    Just refer me any other good firefox twitter client , if you know of anyone in comments.

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