Google Search Goes Real Time

    Google earlier today showed the world that how they are going to incorporate the real time search in their search engine. Back some months, we heard that Google is gearing up for showing the results on the search result page from popular social websites like twitter. In order to include the search results returned from social networks, Google has made up a seperate search results box for real-time results. The results in the box continue to update as people share something on the social networks related to the searched term. Here is how Google explains the Real-Time Search.

    Google Real-Time Search is currently in Experimental Labs but it will be out from lab soon. Google has given option 'LATEST' as the hint for using the real-time search. Its placed right below 'Anytime' in Options. If you click on 'Anytime', the result page will show the results from real-time search and regular search result.

    Where as if you just click on 'Latest', the result page will show the real-time updated search results only.  You do get an option of 'Stop Updating' for not to receive further real time search results.


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