AVG Upgrade Deadline - So What?

    AVG, an anti-virus software, is quite popular in free and professional version of anti-virus softwares due to light weight behavior. AVG has recently released AVG 9 as their latest upgrade to their anti-virus software. I tried not to update it to see the behavior and i am receiving daily pop up once i connect my system to internet. The pop-up is not annoying so I used to cancel it and go ahead with my own work. But this morning, I came across this line on pop-up which pushed me to write the post. Here is the Pop-up that i receive daily.

    Well, its December 8th right now. But its reminding me "Upgrade Deadline December 1". Now, is there something wrong with my interpretation or Is this pop-up designed to pop-up till December 1st? I don't understand that why its asking me to upgrade as my previous version is updating and running successfully. What's your interpretation?

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