No more Tampons for iPad

    Apple iPad is so covered up with pampers and nappies that you actually have to think hundred times before trying to copulate with it. Don't take me wrong here. I am not a bestiality fan ;-)

    Apple has released their iPads with AT&T MicroSIMs which means that they only work with AT&T network. Now, there are jail breaks available but I am not going to go geeky here. John Benson on his website wrote that how he enjoyed the nakedness of iPad. He has cut down regular SIM into MicroSIM using Meat Cleaver and removed the tampon...err!! Lock!!

    Here is the regular SIM and MicroSIM (taken from original website)

    ...and here is the mighty tampon remover

    And finally Nano-SIM is ready...

    You must be thinking by now that its just another fake... but trust me.. this really works out.. Go HERE to see how it actually went in the end ... Behold!!! The mighty Tampon Remover!!!

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