Twitter Phone Out in Market

    Phone usage trends are changing as the days are going by. There was time when people used to talk over phone for hours and discuss everything. But now trend is taking shape in terms of Data. Data is taking the sharp uprise in the usage. Be it GPRS data or whatever the shape.

    Twitter usage on the phones is on the rise globally. There use to be days when friends uttered words like 'text me' etc but now friends just say it out loud 'tweet me!!'. This is global change. You would have witnessed this technology advantage in recent Iran elections. Now, twitter has collaborated with one company for bring twitter phone. Really. Twitter Phone only supports Twitter. No Text Messages. No Number Dialing. Phone is called TwitterPeek.

    TwitterPeek has been designed by Peek Inc. founded by Amol Sarva. WSJ mentioned in their post about TwitterPeek like this,

    "Clad in “Twitter blue, the TwitterPeek allows all the same functionality of a desktop Twitter client - reading tweets, sending tweets, replying, retweeting and direct messaging – only it gives users that access on the go".

    The TwitterPeek sells for $99 with a $7.95 monthly fee or $199 with a lifetime of service.

    Detailed report at WSJ

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