Marriage News Brings Maximum Traffic to Your Site

    This morning, while I was reading Google News page, i came across this entertainment section and was quite amazed at One Celebrity Marriage News there. I was not expecting something like this from 'Big Boss' Star, Shilpa Shetty. Don't feel like I have a crush for her, c'mon!!.. Its just Spicy news in the afternoon edition of South-Asia newspapers ;-)

    So, I read this news out. Found link of her blog on that news (got this from Reuters),
    "This is it!" Shetty wrote on her blog( a few hours before the ceremony took place in Khandala, a hill station 200 kilometres from Mumbai.
    So, I went in to check out what people were saying. Are there any Stalkers in Cyber world for her? But was shocked to see the blog page like this..

    BANDWIDTH LIMIT EXCEEDED...Wow..So much fan following.. Now, I got this trick to bring traffic to my blog.
    Once I get married, I will post the news and huge traffic will exceed the maximum bandwidth. I will get page impression...and will give me some bucks for my honeymoon trip :-)

    But Whom am I? Did I kiss someone for AIDS funding on stage ;-)

    Link to Shilpa Blog

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