Phone Preaching - A new era of Telecom

    We have seen religious preaching in our surroundings for quite some time now. Some do it at religious places like mosques & churches others do it on the way or in gatherings. But this new service offered in Saudi Arabia has brought something new to the preaching.  Service was called "Bring me to Islam" brought forward by the Cooperative Bureau for Call and Awareness in Communities.

    The service has specialist preachers and they  encourage non-muslims to embrace Islam. This service basically runs by first letting the Bureau know about the details of the non-muslim whom the 'information provider' wants to embrace Islam in true spirit.
    The identity of the 'information provider' is kept secret and they are only informed if the person in question embraces Islam. Preachers are available in 12 different languages. So, once analyzed by the Bureau, the person gets the specific language preacher.

    So far, this scheme has made about 5480 people embrace Islam. According to Okaz, a megazine, around 800,000 phone calls were made, costing 120,000 Saudi Riyals ($32,000).

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