Google Wave Invitations - Anyone??

    Got Google Wave invitations earlier today. I was waiting for this new application from Google. Google Wave is gonna change the way we enjoy our emails and conversations.

    If anyone of you wants to get the invitation, just write down the Name & Email address in comments. I will entertain him/her in due time.

    Visit Google WAVE for more on the application.

    44 Responses

    1. Hi, I'd like to try google wave!! sac3000 at

    2. I'm interested ! 20100m @t gmail dot com
      thanks :)

    3. HI, I'd like your extra google account. Name:Jonathan

    4. Hi, I'd like it also please
      yarsee at

    5. I would love to get a google wave invite. :)
      Thank in advance.

      Name: Kaleb

    6. I would love the wave invite too.

      Name: Aly

      Thanks a lot!

    7. I would like to have an invitation
      Name Javier


    8. I have received it yet :(

      please send it to my other email

    9. @Aly - Invitations are not quickly released by Google.. but 2 among the top just joined after my invitation.. You were the first one to whom i sent the invitation on Hotmail.. Check on Spam folder,just in case.. If you still don't find it, drop me a message again

    10. Name: Saad

      please send me an invite too, thanks :) i cant wait anymore :D

    11. @Saad - On the wave - Happy Waving!!!

    12. Name: Saad

      hi again, im sorry but i didnt get the invite, i think its because i requested for an invite there using my gmail account few days back.

      i did chek the spam folder, wasnt there either :/

      so IF you can, please send it on

    13. @Saad - It takes some time before the invite reaches you.. I have sent it over on ur earlier address, but if its still not available in next 24 hours, then lemme know, i will re-send the invitation...

    14. didnt get the invite :/

    15. thanks alot, got the invite. started waving :D

    16. Hi I would appreciate if I can get the invite for Wave. My email is

      Thanks a lot.

    17. Name: Sameer Akhtar

      Send me the invite too ...pleeease :)

    18. Hi can i please get an invite for google wave. I would appreciate if you can send me the invite at

      Thanks a lot buddy.

    19. Guys n Guls hang on... Invitations are sent out till Saad.. More are coming my way from Google.. Once they reach me, i will make you all part of Google wave..

    20. Thank you so much tek bee

    21. Sameer and Asad, i sent you guys wave invitations on mentioned addresses. Happy Waving

    22. please send me a wave invitaion. my mail id is

    23. Shravani, Wave invite sent.. Happy Waving... Spread the word out...

    24. could you please send me an invitation for wave ?
      I'm looking desperately for one!


    25. marco - Done!!! Sent you invite.. Check your Gmail...Happy Waving.. Spread the word out..

    26. Could you send me an invitation? Thank you

    27. can't wait to show to my students invite me
      gostan98@ gmail dot com

    28. Could you pls send me an invitation.

    29. and Wardenz, You guys can check your email.. Invitation sent.. Happy Waving.. Spread the word

    30. need invitation...thanks in advance....

    31. Samir, Invitation sent at ur gmail address.. Happy Waving.. Spread the word

    32. Hello,

      I would like an invitation for Google Wave, can you send me one, please :$

      André Carona -


      Best regards

    33. André Carona, You are now officially invited .. Happy Waving.. Spread the word

    34. Hi,
      I would like to be invited to Google Wave too. Please send me one at:

      Thank you.


    35. i would like to be invited to google wave
      my name : anwar abdul rahim
      e-mail :

    36. Hi....invite me mardhiahmad @ gmail dot com

    37. Anirudh, Anwar and Mardiahmad.. You all got invites.. Happy Waving

    38. hi.....i really badly need a google wave invitation..please send me

    39. Amoghpesit... Invite on Your way... Enjoy!!!

    40. Send me invite please.

    41. i would like google wave invitation!

      sakmysmurfpenis [at] gmail [dot] com

      i've searchin for this hahahaha. can't wait to try.

    42. hi! pls send me the invitation. :D


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