Buzzvines blocked on PTCL DSL

    Just came across one odd blockage from PTCL. Buzzvines, a website having all the flavors of internet life, was not passing through PTCL servers somehow. First I thought that its my browser problem but then when i tried different flavors, I was still not able to get logged in. Investigating further I tried it on Wateen Wimax and it just dived in. It was a shock for me as Buzzvines is not about something creepy politics or shitty terrorism that one has to block. I seriously don't know that what actually is behind this.. Did you guyz paid the Utility Bill this month :-)

    Here are some of the screen shots for you guys to see for yourself.. I am checking it at JUST-ABOUT-EVENING-IN-ISLAMABAD and Saturday 31st Oct 2009.

    Chrome Behavior on PTCL DSL

    Opera Behavior on PTCL DSL

    Bypassing Proxy on PTCL DSL

    Wateen Wimax

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