Translate Documents via Google - Launched

    Google has lauched Google Translator toolkit which helps users to translate the documents into the language of their choice.

    You can translate documents stored on your computer, web pages, Wikipedia articles and Knol articles. After importing a document, Google generates the translation, displaying it next to the original text. You can select a sentence from the original document and Google lets you edit the translation.

    Types of files that you can upload:
    Documents (total upto 1MB)
    • HTML (.html)
    • Microsoft Word (.doc)
    • OpenDocument Text (.odt)
    • Plain Text (.txt)
    • Rich Text (.rtf)
    The interface is typical of Google Reader.

    Upload View Mentions all the formats that you want..

    And Finally Some Translation [English -> French]

    You can get Google Translator Toolkit here

    Au revoir!! ;-)

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