Opera Unite Launched

    Opera has unleashed the secret weapon, they were busy designing in labs. The weapon is called Opera Unite.

    Opera describes this as ...

    Opera Unite is a collaborative technology that allows you to share data, such as files or photos, directly from your computer with others, without uploading and sharing them through a central, third-party server. The technology behind Opera Unite uses a compact server inside the Opera desktop browser to share data and services on your computer. There is no need to upload files that you want to share; you remain in control.
    The war between browsers is getting fierce and ferocious. Every other browser is tweaking around to get more and more customers. And this competition is healthy. Its giving us (The users) great flexibility.

    With more traditional content sharing, you need to upload the content you want to share, and this is shared through a central, third-party server, out of your control. Opera Unite enables your browser to act as a server, and you can choose what content you share and with whom.

    Currently, different services are offered in initial phase. Services are..

    There will be many, various kinds of Opera Unite services in the future. The services offered for this release :

    • Main Opera Unite Page which lists activity of different sorts.
    • File Sharing to share files from system
    • Fridge is for people to leave notes
    • Photo Sharing is for sharing the photos without uploading
    • Media Player is for sharing your music library
    • Web Server is for running your own website from your system
    • The Lounge is for chat
    The interface is something like this..

    You can download the Opera Unite here

    For brief introduction, go here

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