How to download video from facebook

    Many a times , I have seen people trying to figure out that how can they download videos from facebook. I am here to spell the magic words for them.. It works for me anyways...

    Download Orbit Downloader first from here. Once downloaded, install the software. Right-Click on the orbit icon in the taskbar. You will find the following menu.

    Check the two options like mentioned above. And click on Grab++. This will open new window.

    You will see the list updating in Grab++ as you browse. Once you want to download some video from facebook, just play the file

    ...and you will see the new link updated in Grab++ window. Just check that link and click on Download!!!

    (Remember that if the link is not there in Grab++, try refreshing the page)

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    1. hi..

      try, they have features to download video from facebook and another video sites. They support to download video files in different video formats (flv, 3gp, HD, HQ, MP4 - depend on video sites)


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