Be Part of next Firefox Launch Video

    Web Technologies are thriving hard these days to be fast & furious. Web browsers are the prime examples. The popular browsers are working hard these days to make the browser more feature-rich and speedy.

    Firefox has always claimed to be faster (and its true!!) than IE. This time they are coming up with Version 3.5. According to the website, Firefox 3.5 is two times faster than 3.0. And ten times faster than 2.0 (Based on the results of a SunSpider test of JavaScript performance on a Windows XP machine).

    Firefox is now asking the users to send over their speediest skills to them in order to be part of next launch video. You just have to ...

    Pick your talent (knitting, flipping burgers, brushing your teeth, whatever!) and make a video doing your thing—FAST! Follow the steps below and update before 6-21-09.

    1. Make a 30-second video (home-movie style is perfect) of your fastest talent (maximum file size: 100mb).
    2. Go HERE to upload your video.
    3. Firefox will compile as many of your clips as possible into a single community video, so check after the Firefox 3.5 launch to see if yours made it!
    4. Be sure to check about a week after the Firefox 3.5 launch to see the full community compilation.
    Once your video gets the face of the launch video, you will become Winner of T-shirt by Firefox. So, Go and make your video. Be part of launch & Happy browsing!!!

    You can download the Firefox 3.5 (beta) from THEIR WEBSITE or DIRECTLY from HERE

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