Import Posts from Yahoo! 360°

    Yahoo has recently announced that...

    Yahoo! 360° is closing on July 13, 2009.

    Most of the users of this service were disappointed at this announcement. If you had opted to write something down on those posts of yours, believe me, you would simply love to keep them to re-open them later someday in your life.

    Now, you need not be in distress anymore about this. Opera has opted to give you a relief on this one. Now, you can make an account there and import all your posts from Yahoo!360. Just Go over there and make you life easy!!

    For people who would love to import their posts to WordPress rather,there is also relief for them. Codeplex has made up a tool to import your blog posts to WordPress easily. Just download the tool from here and read out what's there in read me document. It will help you out in transfer of posts.

    Thanks to Download Squad for this valuable information

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