If you are lost in Antarctica, Try POO!!!

    I have came across this great news that scientists in order to get an eye on Penguins whereabouts are following Penguin Poop from Satellite.

    In remote Antarctica, about one-and-a-half times bigger than the United States, researchers have been unable to figure out just where colonies of emperor penguins live and if their population is in peril.

    It's harder still because emperor penguins, featured in the film "March of the Penguins," breed on sea ice, which scientists say will shrink significantly in the future because of global warming. Because the large penguins stay on the same ice for months, their poop stains make them stand out from space.

    Scientists at the British Antarctic Survey found this out by accident when they were looking at satellite images of their bases. A reddish-brown streak on the colorless ice was right where they knew a colony was, said survey mapping scientist Peter Fretwell.

    The stain was penguin poo - particularly smelly stuff - and it gave researchers an idea to search for brown stains to find penguins. They found the same telltale trail, usually dark enough to spot from space, all over the continent, said Fretwell by telephone from England.
    So, next time you get lost on voyage trip of Antarctica, then try POO!!! We will Get To You Honey!!!

    via CBS 2

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