Download Facebook Video Codec

    As mentioned in earlier post 'How to download video from facebook', we were able to download the video on our system. This time we are going to tell you that how are you going to play the video.

    Playing video is simple. Just Click and Go. But facebook video uses On2 codec which is must to be installed on your system for playback.

    One way of playing the video is that first you download the codec from here. And then install it. Now, you can play your favorite facebook videos in Windows Media Player straight away.

    Another step is to download the VLC media player. The latest player has the codec for facebook videos. You can get the VLC media player from here

    Happy Downloading..

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    1. hi..

      try, they have features to download video from facebook and another video sites. They support to download video files in different video formats (flv, 3gp, HD, HQ, MP4 - depend on video sites)


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