Wateen Online Gaming Service Launched

    Wateen has commericaly launched WOGS (Wateen Online Gaming Service). WOGS is a subscription based service which will allow customers to connect to wateen dedicated servers through a software client and play multi-player computer games online with friends from the comfort of their home or favorite gaming café.


    - Support for dedicated servers for PC games
    - Web-hosted game and server statistics for select games
    - Proprietary software client for end-user
    - Monthly Prize based tournaments for the most popular games
    - Gaming Portal with free-to-play web games, account management and community services (forums etc…)
    - Internet independent and can be connected on any broadband Internet medium
    - No Internet volume deduction of gaming traffic on Wateen’s Network

    Games Available:

    - Call of Duty 4
    - Call of duty 5
    - Team Fortress II
    - Left 4 Dead
    - Counter Strike 1.6
    - Counter Strike: Source
    - Battle Field II
    - Quake III
    - MOHAA


    The package structure is simple: Rs. 900 for three months.

    How To get account:

    A WOGS subscription or rechcarge can be purchased at any Wateen Franchise and select Gaming Cafe Partners. When going to open a new account please have the following:

    • Your CNIC card (or that of your guardian) - this will help you recover your account
    • a valid e-mail address - this is important, it will become your WOGS Username

    You will be asked to fill out a CSAF (Customer Services Agreement Form) which should take about 2 minutes. Once your account is activated, go home and check your e-mail. You should receive an e-mail from noreply@wateen.com containing your WOGS Password and other useful information.

    How to Play:

    First download Client for Online Gaming Service (COGS) from here

    Install the WOGS version of the game(s) you wish to play. Installing the correct version, can involve:
    • Patching the Game
    • Installing an explansion pack
    • Enabling a particular game mod
    Launch COGS and enter the required information (e-mail/password) to login.Configure COGS to your liking (choose your nick, clan tag) then add games by selecting Settings > Games. Double-click on a game that you wish to add, then select the executable (.exe) file from the games installation folder. Alternatively, you can also select the game's desktop shortcut. Now select a game from the Game Menu at the top and click on server to see a list of all servers for that game. Double-click the server from the list, the game should automatically launch and connect to your server of choice! Play the GAME!

    Source: Wateen Gaming Portal

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