How Huawei is Out-sourcing employees

    Huawei is in doldrums these days.. Due to upper management wrong policies, employees are worried about their future.

    In order to do the cost cutting, Huawei has started outsourcing its employees. Earlier, we have came to know about admin staff, but this time we came to know about Technical staff too. Huawei has reportedly sold out its employees @ Rs.60k to a THIRD PARTY OPERATOR. Huawei pays this much money per person per month to the 3rd party operator. Operator in return give Rs.25-30k per month to the Sold-out-employee and keeps the rest.

    Now, this move kinda looked complex as why would the company be ready to pay Rs.60k per month from its own pocket to some other operator. If the company can afford this much money, then it can keep the employee. But Huawei had kept the eyes on the future and not on present. Now, Huawei is having the authority that whenever the service of any person is not required, it can fire him/her immediately without any delay, without any advance 3 months salary and benefits, as the employee is on pay-roll of other company.

    That person, once fired from Huawei won't be of much help to 3rd party. So, he/she can face the music at 3rd party operator too anytime.

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