Laptop for Gamers by Asustek

    For-seeing the demand of laptop for gamers, Asustek has announced that its going to roll out Laptop for Gamers this July in US. Gamers were relying on desktop systems for playing around. Gamers have to take the desktop system with them to tournaments or tune/clock the system every time.But now, they can enjoy taking the laptops wherever they want.

    Screen: 15.6-inch with 16:9 aspect ratio and LED backlight
    Graphic Card: Nvidia GTX-260M
    Sound Card: Creative EAX-CMSS (3D surround Audio)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad OR Core 2 Duo ( Over clocking allowed)
    RAM: up to 4GB of DDR2
    Hard disk : Dual Hard disk with 1 TB storage
    Keyboard: Illuminated
    Camera: 2.0 Megapixel webcam
    Availability: This July at Best Buy
    Price: US$ 1300- $1500

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